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Perfect Red Mica+Pigment blend

Perfect Red Mica+Pigment blend

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The Perfect Red for cold process soap. 

We have all been looking for the Perfect Red or the True Red Mica for colouring our soaps. Most of what we find is either maroon or pink, never the perfect red.

Finally, we have one!!

This is a custom blend suggested by my supplier, which gives you the perfect smooth red in cold process with a lustre!

The blend can be used in CP / MP / HP soaps and other body products. The colour of the end product may vary from red to pink depending on each product and the quantityused.

Lip safe and gives a nice pinkish red color to lip balm and lipsticks. 

Usage rate: Max. upto 10gm for 500gm of soap batter. 

Use it generously if you want to get the brightest of reds.

Note: Since this is a custom color mixed by hand there may be a few particles of color that stays unmixed. Disperse them well with a carrier oil before adding it to the final product. 

Do not underestimate the colour by looking at the powder form.

See the images to know how it looks in the final cold process soap. 

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Customer Reviews

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True colours

I bought a few colours for my cold process soaps and they all turned out good..... The red is a beautiful shade. I used 1tsp per 500gms of oil and got a soft red the next time I'll use a little more to get a deeper darker shade of red. I highly recommend buying colours from suffuse for your soap making.

Thank you very much!