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Who are we?

Suffuse Soaps is woman-owned small business that is single-handedly run by Aruna, ex-IT professional.

The brand was born as a part-time quest to make safe and natural skin care products for herself, however the passion of creating took over and it slowly grew into a full time career.

We specialize in creating designer artisan soaps using vegetarian, natural and skin loving ingredients, handmade skin care products and cosmetics suitable to all skin types and budgets.

Each small batch is made with utmost care, using handpicked ingredients and a lot of love! All the products are made from scratch using raw ingredients with no ready-made or store bought bases.

Since we strive to procure the highest quality raw materials and tools available for our own brand, we figured we would share these treasures with our peers, hence we provide soap making ingredients, tools and share our knowledge through workshops.

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Suffuse Soaps Academy


In my workshops, I will share my years of experience and research, providing valuable information and knowledge. Each topic will be presented in easily understandable tutorials, including videos and written materials that can be downloaded. These resources will thoroughly explain every aspect of soap making and skin care formulation.

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