Website building services

If you like what you see on this website and would like to build a similar website on Shopify for your own brand please fill the form below to connect. 


Please share as much information about your brand as possible in the initial contact form. Additional data to be uploaded will need to be provided in a spreadsheet format. 

We will share a questionnaire that will have to be filled as accurately as possible. 

Timeline to complete building the website will be provided once the data is received. 


Initial set up cost will be shared and finalized before we begin the work. For this to be calculated accurately, please share the above mentioned details correctly. 

Shopify subscription plans will be shared and the payment directly to shopify will be over and above our set up charges. 

Additional charges may incur if there are any deviations from the agreed upon terms. 


Advance payment of 50% will need to be paid for order processing to begin. Remaining amount and any additional costs will have to be paid before handover. No credit under any circumstances. 


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