Workshops and courses with Suffuse Soaps Academy

Workshops and courses with Suffuse Soaps Academy

This is a long awaited update that many have been waiting for impatiently!

While the rest of the world went online post-pandemic, I have taken a bit longer than anticipated. I did not want to launch with mediocre workshops created halfheartedly just to get on the bandwagon so I have been working quite hard to make workshops that you can actually learn from and start your own skin care business.

My courses and workshops have been primarily hands-on and in person at my Bangalore studio. But I have been working constantly to create recorded and written versions of these workshops and they will be available to purchase starting 19th November 2023.

So how will these workshops benefit you?

Read on to know what value you will get from these recorded workshops in comparison to the live one-time session.

In the studio sessions, there could be disturbances, phone calls, health issues etc. that could affect your learning power. Even though a written PDF was being provided, I found that a lot of people were facing issues remembering what was discussed during the class. Finding time to travel to the studio in our busy schedules is no small feat.

The online recorded workshops eliminate all these issues because you can learn at your pace, in the comfort of your own home, during your free time. You can watch and re-watch the videos any number of times until you are confident that you can make the products on your own. You can make the products at your convenience without any time pressure.

So let me highlight the value these workshops will add to your journey in learning soap making and skin care formulations: 


  • Sharing knowledge gained over 7 years of experience
  • Basic to advanced courses available on all topics
  • Troubleshooting ideas, tips and tricks, and marketing advice provided from experience
  • Webinars, Tutorials and Live Class Room Sessions
  • No DIY recipes or spoon feeding. All courses share comprehensive information for end-to-end learning
  • Supplier details provided along with advice on choosing high quality ingredients
  • All courses are available online and with lifetime access

     So go ahead, access the Suffuse Soaps Academy website and start the journey:

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